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Urology Products

JUMBO medical is a professional China Urology Supplies Manufacturers and Suppliers. We have specialized in Urology Catheter, Urine bag, Male External Catheter and Urology Accessories.

Urology supplies manufacturers play a crucial role in the medical field by producing high-quality catheters used in urological procedures. Among the various types of catheters available in the market, Latex Foley Catheter, Red Rubber Urethral Catheter, Medical Foley Catheter, Hydrophilic Latex Foley Catheter, Hydrophilic Latex Foley Catheter, Double J Ureteral Stent, Urethral Dilator, Nelaton Catheter, Hydrophilic Nelaton Catheter, Urine Meter Drainage Bag, Urine Drainage Bag, Urine Drainage Leg Bag, closed colostomy bag,Pediatric Urine collector, Male Nelaton Catheter, Urine Meter Bag, silicone Coated Latex Foley catheter And Double Lumen Foley Catheter are some of the most commonly used products. These catheters are designed to assist in bladder voiding and continuous irrigation fluid, and they are made with excellent quality materials such as latex and silicone.

One of the main products offered by urology supplies manufacturers is the Latex Foley Catheter. These catheters come in both 2-way and 3-way options, and they are used for bladder voiding and/or continuous irrigation fluid placed through the urethra or suprapubic. The catheters consist of a shaft, drain funnel, inflation funnel, flush funnel (if present), balloon, and valve. The material used in these catheters is of high quality, ensuring their safety and effectiveness in medical procedures. The competitive pricing of these catheters makes them accessible to medical facilities of all sizes, without compromising on quality.

In addition to Latex Foley Catheters, urology supplies manufacturers also offer Silicone Foley Catheters. These catheters provide an alternative for those who may have allergies or sensitivities to latex. Silicone Foley Catheters share similar features with their latex counterparts in terms of design and functionality, providing healthcare providers with options to meet the needs of their patients. The excellent quality of these catheters ensures that they can be relied upon for safe and effective medical use.

The use of high-quality catheters such as Latex Foley Catheter and Silicone Foley Catheter is indispensable in urological procedures. These catheters serve a crucial purpose in managing bladder-related issues and facilitating necessary medical interventions. With urology supplies manufacturers, healthcare providers can source these essential products with confidence, knowing that they are of excellent quality and can support the delivery of optimal patient care.