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Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing with High Quality

Silicone Dressing Consists Of a Silicone Wound Contact Layer, a Super Absorbent Pad, a Polyurethane Foam, And a Vapour Permeable And Waterproof Polyurethane Film. The Multi-Layered Construction Facilitates Dynamic Fluid Management To Provide The Optimal Moist Wound Environment Which Leads To The Promotion Of Faster Wound Closure And May Help To Reduce The Risk Of Maceration. The Gentle Silicone Layer Can Be Lifted And Repositioned Without Losing Its Adherent. Also, a Silicone Dressing Does More Than Just Help To Cover Up Your Wound, It Also Helps To Speed Up The Healing Process Of Your Wound.
Silicone Dressing Can Remain In Place For Up To 14 Days Leaving The Wound Bed Undisturbed For Optimal Healing. The More Dressing Change Trauma Can Be Minimised For The Patient The Faster The Healing Process, Patient Comfort And Patient State Of Mind.

Edge-pressed hydrocolloid dressing is composed by polyurethane film、CMC、medical PSA、release paper etc.

Characteristics: There kinds of hydrophilic biocolloids can absorb the exudations with gel generated, which keeps a moist environment and does no damage;Accelerate the migration of epithelial cells;Waterproof, permeable and prevent the wound from bacteria outside;Inflate on the wound edge to absorb exudations rapidly without any other dressings; Better compatibility to patients.

 Application:Low or moderate exuded wounds, such as phase I-IV pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, surgical incisions, donated skin area, superficial wounds and bruises, cosmetic surgery wound, periods of granulation and epithelialization of chronic wounds.


1.Clean the wound and the skin surrounding with normal saline;

2.Chose suitable dressing according to the wound size, and the dressing should exceed the wound edge about 1-2cm; 

3.After the wound and surrounding skin become dry, peel off the release paper and stick the dressings on the wound, then smooth the dressing tenderly;

4.Replacement time is based on the amount of wound exudate, generally, replace it 2 to 3 days later and no more than 7 days;

5.When hydrocolloid dressing absorb exudation to the saturation point, it will be expanded into ivory from light yellow and form a gel, which is a normal phenomenon  indicating it should be replaced in time and to avoid the skin impregnated;

6.Replace it if there is any leakage of exudation.。


 1.Can’t be used to the infected wounds;

2.Not suitable for wounds with great exudation.

3.There maybe some smell from the dressings , and it will disappear after cleaning the wound with normal saline.

Post time: Nov-21-2023

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